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7 Day Money Back Guarantee

We have developed a very simple and effective way in giving peace of mind needed on the Internet transactions. You may wonder how we manage that and it may even sound too good to be true, but it's because WictOilMotor provides the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program, only for Items sold via eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji that are already stored inside its warehouses. All Items sold through WictOilMotor go through a safety inspection before being taken into Our custody. According to the WictOilMotor Privacy Policy, upon arrival in the storage area, Items are verified by the Technical Inspection Team for clear title, quality, size, psychical conditions (damages, scratches, dents, rust, etc.). The 7 Day Money Back Guarantee program gives Buyers certainty that they will receive the Item they are paying for.


When buying something from web sites like Craigslist or Kijiji the Buyer relies mostly on the Seller's description, this is what makes the Buyer travel to visually inspect the Item. Surveys show that a very large percent of Items sold on free classifieds web sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji were not like were originally described by the Seller and after visual inspection, the Buyer decides to look somewhere else.
In order to minimize the chances of failed transactions when it comes to the Items sold through WictOilMotor, our staff compares Seller's description with the actual Item which will be into our possession when will be listed. If the listing description is incorrect or does not correspond with our Technical Inspection Document made upon arrival at the store, the Seller is instructed to re-list the Item with the correct description. That makes us different and lets us give Buyers certainty that they will receive the Item they are paying for.


What does 7 Days Money Back Guarantee stand for?

  • If the Item is not delivered within 5 days after it is dispatched, WictOilMotor guarantees refund of the money You have paid for the Item – No questions asked.
  • Your payment will be held with WictOilMotor until the Item is delivered and You are completely satisfied with its quality.
  • Seller's payment is released only when You confirm the Item has been received in good conditions
  • In case we do not hear back from You within 7 days of Item delivery, we feel it would be fair to assume that You are satisfied with the Item quality, size, physical condition & specification and will release the payment to the Seller.
  • In case You are not satisfied with the Item delivered and inform WictOilMotor within 7 days of delivery, WictOilMotor will resolve Your complaint end-to-end within 72 hours from the time the complaint is raised. If WictOilMotor is not able to give a resolution within 72 hours then we will automatically refund the amount paid for the Item Note: At delivery, You will be walked through a PDI (Pre-Delivery-Inspection) which will give You a general idea of the Item condition. The PDI report must me kept until the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee ends and will be required in case the Item needs to be returned.
  • When a complaint is raised for a delivered Item, the Seller is paid only after the issue is resolved and You are satisfied with the resolution.

What does 7 Days Money Back Guarantee cover?

  • You have paid for the Item but didn't receive it.
  • You have received a damaged/defective Item or it doesn't comply with the quality, size, physical condition & specification as per Your original purchase.
  • You have received an Item which You're not satisfied with because of its fit/size.

How do You receive Your refund through WictOilMotor?

  • Refund is given as Money Back
  • Refunds will be made through cash, credit card, cheque or Bank transfer depending on the payment method used at the time of placing the purchase.

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